Ethical, sustainable, world-class food.

Our farm-to-table menu is a heartfelt homage to our local community, a culinary journey designed to showcase the incredible talent of our region’s farmers and producers. Owned by a local grazier, the Holbrook Hotel not only features his family’s premium produce, it also provides guests with the unique opportunity to take home a piece of the farm. Savour a meal crafted from the very fields and pastures that surround our community.

When you choose to dine with us, you become a vital part of a sustainable food network, directly contributing to the prosperity of our local farming community. Our farm-to-table journey extends beyond our owner’s farm, encompassing partnerships with a diverse array of local farmers and producers. We are steadfast in our dedication to reducing food mileage, ensuring that each ingredient is sourced as close to home as possible.

Our incredible chefs provide guests with the opportunity to taste the difference. Discover the essence of our culinary philosophy in our farm-to-table menu. We’re dedicated to the pursuit of excellence, embodying values of quality, sustainability, and the freshest ingredients in every dish we create. Our talented chefs artfully transform nature’s bounty into gastronomic masterpieces. Through the harmonious interplay of textures, flavours, and presentation, we craft dishes that transcend mere sustenance.

The Holbrook Hotel is more than just a dining destination; it’s a celebration of community, sustainability, and the incredible talent that thrives in our region.